Coarse Grained Authorisation Pattern

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* [[Design_Patterns#Application_Design_Patterns|Back to The Design Patterns]]
* [[Design_Patterns#Application_Design_Patterns|Back to The Design Patterns]]
[[Category:Reference Architecture v.1.0]]

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Design Pattern

Pattern Name and Classification

A descriptive and unique name that helps in identifying and referring to the pattern.


A description of the goal behind the pattern and the reason for using it.

Also Known As

Other names for the pattern.

Motivation (Forces)

A scenario consisting of a problem and a context in which this pattern can be used.


Situations in which this pattern is usable; the context for the pattern.


A graphical representation of the pattern. Class diagrams and Interaction diagrams may be used for this purpose.


A listing of the classes and objects used in the pattern and their roles in the design.


A description of how classes and objects used in the pattern interact with each other.


A description of the results, side effects, and trade offs caused by using the pattern.


A description of an implementation of the pattern; the solution part of the pattern.

Sample Code

An illustration of how the pattern can be used in a programming language

Known Uses

Examples of real usages of the pattern.

Related Patterns

Other patterns that have some relationship with the pattern; discussion of the differences between the pattern and similar patterns.


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