The Secure Arc Reference Architecture

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The Secure Arc Reference Architecture consists of a basic conceptual framework aimed at helping to solve complex security architectural design and decision making issues.

Each of the concepts making up The Secure Arc Reference Architecture are identified below.

Concept Description
Security Principles Almost all choices and decisions made while following this Security Reference Architecture are driven by the fundamental Security Principles.
Logical Security Zone Model The Logical Security Zones provide an intuitive means of laying out an appropriately partitioned infrastructure based on the Levels of Trust and a concisely defined set of rules for how Nodes are allowed to communicate across Zones.
Security Controls Model The Security Controls Model enables the complete end-to-end traceability between Information Assets that are stored or processed by the Infrastructure Assets and the decisions behind the Security Controls that are employed to protect them.
Design Patterns Design Patterns ultimately provide proven approaches for satisfying the Security Principles and consequently the associated Policies and Standards.
Security Policies and Standards The majority of security controls put in place in most organizations are largely driven by the Security Policies and Standards that are dictated either by the organization itself or regulatory bodies.
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