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The Secure Arc Mnemonic Password Generator is a very basic little utility application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that can generate complex passwords based on easy to remember phrases.

Rather than having to either come up with simple and easy to remember passwords that can be guessed easily, or complex passwords that need to be written down and discovered by others, you just need to remember a sentence and have your iPhone or iPod Touch handy when you need it.

How it works

The Mnemonic app takes each word of the sentence provided and randomly selects something to map that word to. It is loosely based on [133t speak|]. The mapping is one way such that you can not determine the original phrase from the generated password.

By reading out the sentence as you type each mapped portion of your password, you should soon find that the complex password comes to mind quite naturally without having to refer back to the app.


The Secure Arc Mnemonic Password Generator will always regenerate the same password given the same phrase. By default, every copy of the application on any device should generate the same password from the same phrase. For the particularly security conscious, the Random Seed can be explicitly set in the Settings application. Defining your own seed will mean that even if you tell someone the original phrase, they would also need either your iPhone or know your Random Seed in order to generate the same password.

To change the Random Seed, simply go into the Settings application and locate the Mnemonic app. Tap the Mnemonic app name and enter a number between 1 and about 2 billion. If you change the Random Seed and lose it, you won't be able to regenerate the same password from the same phrases any more, so use it with caution.

To reset the Random Seed back to its default, delete the Random Seed value in the Settings app and restart the application. The first time it is restarted the Random Seed will be set back to its default.

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