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Chat transcript from 28th of Jan, 2008

Tristan Austin 11:59
On a separate subject
I'm redoing some of our copyright stuff for the site
Just adding more detail
and adding a thing to the footer so it's seen on every page

Michael James 12:00

Tristan Austin 12:00
previously you could only see that the content was freely available under license if you went and found the copyright page
currently we're referring to the Attribution and Share Alike license
I think we should change it

Michael James 12:00
is there a global footer?

Tristan Austin 12:00
Share Alike basically says, "if you adapt or change it, you must distribute the adaptation under the same or compatible license"
that's not going to sit well with commercial organisations basing their own security reference architecture on our stuff
I think we should ditch the Share Alike part and just go with the Attribution license
Here's the differences, the first one is the attribution/share alike:
The second one is just attribution:

Michael James 12:04
Yep, agreed.

Tristan Austin 19:10, 27 January 2008 (CST)

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