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The following summary is taken from the OWASP website (reproduced in accordance with theĀ Creative Commons 2.5 License):

Application security principles are collections of desirable application properties, behaviors, designs and implementation practices that attempt to reduce the likelihood of threat realization and impact should that threat be realized. Security principles are language independent, architecturally neutral primitives that can be leveraged within most software development methodologies to design and construct applications.

Principles are important because they help us make security decisions in new situations with the same basic ideas. By considering each of these principles, we can derive security requirements, make architecture and implementation decisions, and identify possible weaknesses in systems.

The important thing to remember is that in order to be useful, principles must be evaluated, interpreted, and applied to address a specific problem. Although principles can serve as general guidelines, simply telling a software developer that their software must "fail safely" or that they should do "defense in depth" won't mean that much.


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