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The Privacy Act 1988 is an Australian law regarding privacy of personal information enacted in 1988. Part III Division I sets out what interferences with privacy are.

Section 14 of the Act stipulates a number of privacy rights known as the Information Privacy Principles. These principles apply to Australian Government and Australian Capital Territory agencies or private sector organisations contracted to these governments. The principles govern when and how personal information can be collected by these government agencies. The information must only be collected if relevant to the agencies' functions. Australians have a right to know why such information about them is being acquired, and who will see the information. Those in charge of storing the information have obligations to ensure such information is neither lost nor exploited. An Australian will also have the right to access the information unless this is specifically prohibited by law.

Each requirement of the law relating to Information Security is broken down further into more specific sub-requirements that can be mapped back to both the Security Principles that drive them and the Design Patterns that satisfy them.



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